From the Alps to Venice - Vol. II

🦅Welcome to UDINE!
Officially ranked as the best Italian city to live in 2023!

Imagine spending ten days traveling from the high peaks of the stunning Dolomites, down into the hills where the tastiest wines in the world are fermented and diving into Venice, the most famous lagoon in the world!
There are several UNESCO heritage sites in Northern Italy and we will be visiting many of them!!

Strong and brave hearts will go through mysterious lands to challenge themselves in one of the wildest summers of their lives.
Our rookies will start from the historical city of Udine in the plains, climb steep mountains, experience shivers of cold and adrenaline in the water, canoeing down a mountain lake and many other challenges to become true heroes.
Our purpose is not only to make you enjoy yourself outside in nature and try out new adventures but also to discover your inner self: yoga and other activities will make our summer a body-soul balanced event while getting to know people alike.

At the end of your dream Summer there’s no better place to visit than Venice, a fairy tale city made up of over a hundred tiny islands separated by winding canals. This unique city on the water stands between sea and sky on millions of piles driven into the mud of a shallow lagune.

There'll be no time to waste or get bored:
- ✨ you have 30 Aegeans to get to know and have fun with ✨
- 🎭 thousands of emotions to share 🎭
- 🤸‍♀️ so many activities for you to experience and try, 🤸‍♀️

🏞️ all while surrounded by the beauty of our lands! 🌅

And don't get us started on the food!! We're in Italy after all!
Besides the restaurants that will tickle your taste, there's also the chance to learn the recipes from our land made with our products from our helpers and organizers, do you know Tiramisù? Well, that's one of them, what about Frico? No? Well, you'll taste the best Frico ever!

Living the Summer of your life: hiking in the Alps, visiting breathtaking cities, sports challenges, swimming at the beach, re-discovering Venice, getting deeply in touch with people, what else?!

The cities we will be visiting are:

🦅 In Friuli
- Udine
- Cividale
- Predil Lake

🦁 In Veneto
- Venezia
- Lignano Sabbiadoro or Bibione
- Jesolo
- Treviso

🛠️ Workshops and activities:
- 🥘 Cooking workshop
- 🤌🏻 Italian language, gestures and pronunciation workshop
- 🧘Yoga workshop
- City tours
- 🤺 Historical fencing
- Kayaking
- 🪩European Night
- Swimming
- 🚲 Biking
- Hiking
- 🌳Adventure Park

👉 Don’t miss the unique opportunity to visit a mysterious hidden gem of Italy. We’re waiting for you!!! 🫵

👉 Visit our website linked below for some more details about our SU! 😉
Optional programme: Adventure park and kayaking in the Predil Lake (plus another activity to be decided)
Theme: Discovering Friulian and Venetian cultures, exploring a lot of the possible activities given by very different environments all in two regions of Italy!
As a matter of fact, you can visit both the sea and the mountains in a range of 100 km! (about 1 hour by car)
Therefore there are many activities available to both mountain lovers and seaside enthusiasts!
Of course, we are in Italy so there are also our renowned food and wines, which are going to be our main protagonists! Accomodation: Gym / Apartment / Mountain Hut. 🌐 This event is for 20 participants. The fee is 199(+50)€. There is one free place. Applications are closed.

Wann 🕙︎Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2024 um 10:00 - Freitag, 09. August um 10:00 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort Udine φ46.06613 λ13.23781


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