MythSUlogical NatSUre Summer University

Experience the beautiful northern wilderness and unique folklore of Estonia with the help of AEGEE-Tartu and AEGEE-Tallinn.

Join us as we undertake a journey through magical Nordic forests, plains, bogs and unravel the mythological beliefs of Ancient Estonians, while also enjoying the nightlife of cities on the way. Learn the fascinating stories behind forest spirits and the giant king Kalevipoeg. Feel the warm, smooth sand between your toes while smelling the beachside Baltic pine. Pick fresh blueberries on an island in the Baltic Sea. Broaden your horizons with many thematic and cultural workshops and practise those skills straight away. All the while meeting other active, sociable and nature-loving AEGEEans.

Our travels begin where some of the organisers’ hearts reside - the university town of Tartu. There we will get to meet each other, we will learn of Tartu and the basics of Estonian folklore and mythology. Next we will go to the small yet beautiful seaside town of Haapsalu, where a great castle guards the shore. From there, a short voyage through the Sea of Straits leads us to the great mythological island of Hiiumaa, where the window to Ancient Estonia remains clearest. Finally, we will arrive at the Jewel of the Baltic - Tallinn, where we will explore the famous Old Town and end our adventure.

Recipe for the perfect SU (ingredients provided on our behalf):

A splash of fresh air poisoning

One cup of laughter

Two whole cans of heart-warming friends

A spoonful of great emotions

One armful of tears when saying goodbye

Join us as we welcome you with open arms to discover this mystical yet wonderful corner of Europe.
Optional programme: Climbing in an outdoors adventure park.
Visiting the Tuuletorn experience centre.
Horseback riding on an island.
Theme: We will dive deep into Estonian culture and focus on our mythology and folklore, which are strongly linked with nature. Throughout the Summer University we will learn about mythical creatures, legends, but also learn some traditional folk dances, spend time in the nature, and learn about sustainability. Accomodation: Gym, camping.

Wann 🕒︎Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2021 um 15:00 - Dienstag, 10. August um 11:00 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort Tartu φ58.38174 λ26.72253


Veranstalter, AEGEE-Tartu

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