Bambi and the secrets of the seven hills😍🦌

Traditional German festivals, vineyards and breweries, bonfires and sleepless nights - AEGEE-Bamberg and the summer of your life is waiting for you!☀️🍻🔥

Bambi (the masquotte of AEGEE-Bamberg) invites you to spend your summer in the beautiful UNESCO world heritage town Bamberg in the heart of Franconia!😍 The organising team has put together a variety and legendary program for a unique price and we promise: to attend our summer university will be your best decision in 2022!💛

Travelling through Franconia, we will show you the diversity this region has to offer.🌿🚂 Be impressed by stunning landscape shaped by lakes and rivers, plateaus and hills, taste the culinary highlights like beer and wine, pretzels and sausages, walk through one of the oldest towns of the world with churches and half-timbered houses and forget the world around you at nights you will never forget.😏🍹😍💛

We present you some one-time experiences within our program! You have never heard about Franconia but you have always dreamed of visiting the Oktoberfest in Munich? Don’t tell our friends from AEGEE-München but we have something better to offer!😏😁 Get to know the authentic Franconian culture during a visit to two of the most popular traditional German festivals, the wine festival “Wein am Stein” in Würzburg and the beer festival “Annafest” in Forchheim. 🍻🍇🍷🎡

We have not convinced you yet because you would rather see the ocean than a city in summer? Do not worry - we have a solution for that, too.😏 We will take you to the “Großer Brombachsee”, the most beautiful lake in the area and (maybe entire Germany😁) and believe it or not, but it has a beach that will make you forget that you are not at the coast but in the heart of Europe.🏖️☀️😍

Check out more detailed activities further down!😁
Optional programme: Day trip to the beach of the “Großer Brombachsee”.
Theme: Together with a bunch of motivated Bambis (that’s how the members of AEGEE-Bamberg are called) we will not only discover the magical places of a city that looks back on a thousand year old past but also its surroundings and the unique Franconian culture.😍☀️ Franconia is a part of upper Bavaria and an insider tip for experienced travellers. Did you know? Bamberg is also called “Franconian Rome”, because it has a mediterranean atmosphere, its own little Venice and is built on seven hills, just like the Italian capital.🥰 Accomodation: Stay in the great Hostel "Backpackers Bamberg" in the city center - and leave your air-mattress at home.😁. 🌐

When 🕛︎Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 12:00 - Sunday, July 24 at 12:00 GMT+2

🌐︎ Location Bamberg ( Bambi 💛) φ49.89182 λ10.88665


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