A Taste of Sicily, take II

Are you ready to deep dive into the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea? Wonders await! Culture, ancient history, sea sight, sleepless nights and much more!
Optional programme: Trips to Etna and Taormina
Theme: Social inclusion,  as the University will deliver us (with the support of few professors) a migration related workshop and related policies, local culture and Sicilian language, as it is a linguistic minority. Accomodation: Hostel/Gym.

Кога 🕛︎четвъртък, 05 август 2021 г., 12:00 ч. - вторник, 17 август, 12:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Catania φ37.50801 λ15.08868

Интернет адрес https://my.aegee.eu/summeruniversity/a-taste-of-sicily

Организатор AEGEE-Catania

Категории: Local culture и SU

Въведено на сряда, 10 февруари 2021 г., 18:06:14 ч. Гринуич+1

Последна промяна на петък, 23 юли 2021 г., 16:00 ч. Гринуич+2

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