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A long time ago a terrible plague swept across the world: meetings were canceled; families were torn apart and friendships were lost.
For a while life stopped: a loud silence fell over human lands. Generations of writers had tried to forecast how this apocalyptic event could have happened: it turned out to be the old Medieval way.
Everything seemed lost, or maybe not. A little group of men and women had hid for three long years in the Italian mountains, swearing to bring peace and happiness, as soon as the conditions got better.
They turned out to be AEGEE-Brescia members, ready to bring back to life one of the coolest events our network has ever seen: the Brescia SU. Covid took it away from us just briefly in 2020, but this time we’re going to make things right.
Get ready to experience ten days of AMAZING SPORT ACTIVITIES: we will kayak in the Iseo Lake, we will sail in the Garda Lake, we will climb along the via Ferrata in Brescia, we will make a speleological visit in one of the most fascinating castles of the region. Should I really go on with this or are you already convinced?
After having sweated the hell out of you, laughing and bonding with your new friends, you’ll get some WELL-DESERVED REST or at least what we call rest here in Brescia: wine tasting of the well-known Berlucchi and a tent around a bonfire should be enough for you, brave participants.
Now your task, as well as ours, is ambitious: bring life back to a shattered universe. Obviously none of us can’t do it alone; we need help: your help. Do you feel like you have something to offer to the cause? Do you think you can make the difference? Guess what: we’re back and we want you for this event; the real question is: do you feel ready?
Optional programme: Via ferratas: the term via ferrata indicates a set of equipment and structures that are prepared and fixed to facilitate safe climbing of a rocky wall. This avoids tackling the hiking route with the more complex rope climbing technique. The via ferrata of casto include Tibetan bridges, climbing walls, equipped routes, zip lines ...
The alternative to the via ferrata tour is a walk in the park of the forges.

Sailing: the sailing activity includes a basic theoretical lesson and a boat trip for small groups (5/6 people) with an instructor.
Alternatively, you can spend a day on the beach.
Theme: Adventurous sports in alpine lakes and green mountains. Accomodation: dormitory, mountain house. Video at

Кога 🕛︎вторник, 26 юли 2022 г., 12:00 ч. - петък, 05 август, 12:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Brescia φ45.56617 λ10.16839

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