The AstoNISing SU!

Adventure mood: on! Get ready to experience the most unique and beautiful natural places that Serbia has to offer! Immerse yourself in the beautiful Serbian culture, try our world-famous Rakija and enjoy the most hospital city of Niš, full of wonder and excitement!

Start your journey in the city of Niš, the center of the southeast region of Serbia. Dive into the refreshing waters of our very own Niš spa and visit the most amazing and unique monuments in Niš! Get in touch with our breathtaking nature, try out your skills at our local shooting range and the paintball court, wander through the beautiful forests and get the most amazing view from the top of the hill, that will leave you speechless! Travel through the region and explore our delicious cuisine and try the best drink in Serbia, Rakija!

Camp and rest in the mountain resort of the breathtaking ''Stara Planina'' mountain, explore the forests, mingle, and meet the local people while chilling at the cozy campfires every night!
Chill out at the pool, have a drink at the riverside, and enjoy the warm breeze of summer! Discover the secrets of Niš and embrace the spirit of traveling!
Optional programme: As far as the optional program, the fee will be used for going to Paintball, where the full equipment will be paid for and as well as the hours of fun shooting activities in a closed space. Also, going to a traditional Serbian Kafana, a place of amazing music, delicious food, and a great atmosphere,  where the meals will be paid for.

In case you are not interested in the additional free, taking a stroll through Nis and exploring the city in more detail, visiting the local high-tech Arcade and the newly open Cine-Grand Movie Theaters with state of the art motion capture and laser technology, wine tasting, and enjoying the Arts and Crafts section at the Dormitory Hall, visiting the Jazz Museum in the Fortress of Niš, visiting Niš's Art galleries, etc.
Theme: Given that the theme is Local Culture, we will do our best to introduce the participants to the local culture of Serbia and get them familiar with our local cuisine by visiting different types of traditional restaurants in the south-western part of our country, there will be different workshops on the topics, such as Serbian Weddings, traditions, dances, folklore, and drinks. Furthermore, by visiting the mountainous region of NIš, the participants will have the chance to glance at the unique flora and fauna of our country, with many campfire stories, strolls through the forests, and games that develop social and bonding skills. Additionally, museums are always a great way of learning the history of a city and its people so we will be visiting them as well as different WW2 camps and various historical sites, such as the fortresses of Nis and Pirot, Cigar and Skulltower monument and so many more places. Accomodation: Student Dormitory.

Wann 🕘︎Montag, 25. Juli 2022 um 09:00 - Montag, 08. August um 12:00 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort Niš φ43.33596 λ21.89848


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