BiG Culture 2 tast3 -  Italian Capital of Culture Limited Edition

Would you like to try the BiG taste of Bergamo? 🦔

Bergamo is a city with a big heart, perched atop the sixteenth-century Venetian walls on the Pre-Alps mountain range in northern Italy.
BiG Culture 2 tast3 is an immersive experience in the culture of the city of Bergamo which, together with Brescia, obtained the title of Italian Capital of Culture in 2023.🏛️🎭
We will pass 10 days togheter and we will lead you to discover the city's art and history through a tour of the medieval town, practical workshops on food culture, architectural landscapes, trips in the nature and the sustainable values of local businesses.  🥟

Let's go deeper, here some activities:  fruit picking in an orchard, visit to UNESCO heritage sites of Bergamo and its province, discovery of the Astino valley, a symbol of biodiversity, a local festival, European night, treasure hunt and parties outdoor! ;)  🍑⛪🥳👯🌱🪅

Hope, pride and revival are the reasons that prompted the city and our Antenna to bet on culture as a tool for rebirth. 👣 Here we are again after a while, SUmmer University is back to (upper) town!
Optional programme: Visit to the Crespi d'Adda village, a working-class village from the industrial era.
Theme: The main theme of the event will be the local culture of Bergamo and the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. The participants will visit the city, get to know the Bergamo traditions, and be able to taste its local products, such as stuffed pasta and ravioli, beer and cheeses and seasonal fruit. They will also address the issues of social equity and climate change related to food and its consumption. Accomodation: Gym. Video at 🌐

Wann 🕛︎Freitag, 21. Juli 2023 um 12:00 - Sonntag, 30. Juli um 12:00 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort Bergamo φ45.70425 λ9.66281


Veranstalter, AEGEE-Bergamo

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