Grow with the Flow!

🎵~ So no one told you life was gonna be this way~🎵
Are there too many once-in-a-lifetime events that just start coming and they don’t stop coming?🤔 Relaxing in beautiful Estonian nature and learning to meet new challenges head-on might be just what You need to adapt, overcome and Grow with the Flow!

Our adventure begins in the historic University city of Tartu ⛲️ where we’ll get to know each other, do the legendary Tartu pubcrawl and learn the basic skills of becoming more resilient to whatever life sends your way. 💪👀
Following that we will enjoy a few days in the untouched nature of southern Estonia, exploring Nordic forests 🌲🍄 and getting to know Estonian culture hands-on. 🥔👰
We will conclude our travels in the capital Tallinn, where we spend our last days together enjoying the historic old town and vibrant nightlife. 🏰🎉
Join us on the journey to discover just how resilient You can be! 🤗💙
Optional programme: AHHAA Science museum
Museum of Occupations and Freedom
Pirita adventure park
Theme: We will focus on developing the skills we need to adapt to the unknown while keeping your mental health in tip-top shape. In addition to connecting with yourself, we connect with nature and develop some green skills like foraging. Lastly we learn about Estonian culture and history, and how our small nation is independent today despite many adversities and continuing to grow with the flow. Accomodation: gym. Video at 🌐

Кога 🕚︎сряда, 02 август 2023 г., 11:00 ч. - понеделник, 14 август, 12:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Tartu φ58.42784 λ26.71814

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Категории: Mental health и SU

Въведено: неделя, 19 февруари 2023 г., 12:20:35 ч. Гринуич+1

Последна промяна: сряда, 12 юли 2023 г., 14:01:43 ч. Гринуич+2

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