Pirates of the CartAEGEEan

Welcome to the region of Murcia! Come and join us in this adventure that will take us to know some of his hidden secrets. In this edition of Alicante’s Summer university you’ll learn about Cartagena's rich history and culture, local food and enjoy its beaches plenty.

We will visit cities such as Alicante, Cartagena, or Murcia, and we'll go swimming in the Cala cortina beach one of the top 10 beaches in spain, we'll get lost in Tentegorra Park's vegetal labrynth, we'll go rafting in the segura river and many more activities!

We offer you a complete programme that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of a Summer University while doing a wide range of activities and workshops related to local culture, climate change, personal skills and more!

Embark with us on a true pirate adventure, where you'll live the pirate lifestyle and compete with your peers to join our crew!
Optional programme: Rafting in the Segura river.
Aqua natura (acuatic park) visit.
Theme: Pirates: Cartagena's pirate crew is looking for new recruits. Participants will compete every day to see who is best at the different skills required to become a member, all while discovering the region, its history and its people. Accomodation: Hostel.

When 🕓︎Friday, September 01, 2023 at 16:00 - Monday, September 11 at 16:00 GMT+2

🌐︎ Location Cartagena φ37.67198 λ-0.97305

URL https://my.aegee.eu/summeruniversity/pirates-of-the-cartaegeean

Organizer AEGEE-Alicante, pirates@aegeealicante.org

Categories: Local culture and SU

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