Fi-Pi-SUmmer: Unwrapping the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

It’s hard to believe every tuscanian thinks about the Roman Empire every day… because they’re not! Ever heard about the Grand Duchy of Tuscany?

Come to discover the great and various cultures of Tuscany’s main cities such as Florence and Pisa, and a little bit of the surroundings!

What’s the difference between a Fiorentino and a Pisano? What do Boh and Deh mean?

You will be able to understand the inner jokes that belong to every true Tuscanian!
Italian gestures and how different every food is called not even all over Italy, but just all over the same region!

Two bell towers (one leaning more than the other), several beaches, one island, 25 friends, 13 nights of pure italian vibe!
History, art, food... in the end it’s still Italy, what did you expect? 🤭

Come to dive in our culture, we are waiting for you!
Optional programme: Day trip to Elba Island and visit to Uffizi Gallery
Theme: Discovery of Tuscan cities, history, tradition, sea and food Accomodation: student dorm, gym. This event is for 25 participants and is organized by AEGEE-Firenze and AEGEE-Pisa. The fee is 299(+50)€. There is one free place. Applications are closed.

When 🕛︎Friday, August 09, 2024 at 12:00 - Thursday, August 22 at 12:00 GMT+2

🌐︎ Location Firenze φ43.77526 λ11.25465


Organizer AEGEE-Firenze, AEGEE-Pisa,

Categories: Local culture and SU

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