Coming Soon 💥 the first SU with a special theme for every day!
Czechflix is your ticket to summer ☀️ where you'll enhance your soft skills with AEGEE-Academy 🗣️, dive deep into Czech culture 🍺 and make lifelong memories in the heart of Europe ❤️. So what are you waiting for? ▶️ Cast yourself into the best SU – exclusively on Czechflix! ✨


⭐ Welcome to the grand tour of the Czech Republic, 🤩 brought to you by the one and only AEGEE-Brno & AEGEE-Praha, where we're blending the art of travel, the magic of movies, and the thrill of learning into one incredible summer saga 💯.

⭐ Get ready to dive into the epic summer blockbuster of your life with the ultimate backstage pass 🎟️ to an unforgettable Czech adventure! 📣 Imagine cruising through the heart of Europe 💙 in a journey scripted by your wildest dreams 😴, featuring a dazzling array of cinematic themes that change faster than costume swaps in a superhero flick 💫.

⭐ Each day, wake up to a new genre 🎯 With our bespoke cinematic themes, every morning feels like the opening scene of a new adventure 🎉. You're not just a traveler 🧳; you're the star of the show 🌟, the hero on a quest 🧙‍♂️, or perhaps the mysterious stranger who saves the day 😊.

⭐ And because we know no great film is complete without a dynamic cast 🎭, you'll join forces with a crew of fellow adventurers 💃🕺 Together, you'll navigate plot twists, conquer challenges, and maybe even find a love interest or two – this is your story ❤️, and it's as open-ended as a choose-your-own-adventure novel 📖.

⭐ But what's a movie without a little professional development? 😇 Cue the AEGEE-Academy workshops, where you'll learn skills that could rival any secret agent's toolkit 😎. We're talking about leadership, teamwork, and maybe even a bit of Czech 🗣️ – because why not add "multilingual" to your list of protagonist traits? 💪

⭐ Cooking classes 🍲🍞🥧 Learn how to prepare traditional Czech dishes and share your culinary creations with your fellow participants 😋.

⭐ Scary night 😱🌜 Get ready for a night of thrills and chills as we explore the spooky side of Czech culture.

⭐ BBQ party 🔥🥓🌶️ Let's grill and chill together in the lush greenery of Prague's most picturesque park.

⭐ Lama Centrum 😍🦙 Let's spend a fun day with little cute lamas, feed them and interact, while also learning more about them. It promises to be a memorable day with these adorable animals that will put a smile on everyone's face 😊.

⭐ And because every film needs its montage moment, picture yourself and your new crew exploring four different cities, each with its own vibe and soundtrack 🎵.
From the historic streets of Prague 🏰, through the beer capital of Pilsen 🍺 and the mysterious charm of the cave systems of Macocha 🌿 to the vibrant nightlife of Brno 🏙️ you'll collect memories faster than a series collects seasons 🤩.


So, pack your bags 🎒, charge your cameras 🎥, and get ready for action 🎬. This isn't just a trip; it's your personal summer blockbuster, complete with drama, laughter, and maybe a plot twist or two 😁. Welcome to the coolest summer in the Czech Republic, where every day is a premiere and you're always on the guest list 📜🤗.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and leap into adventure ▶︎ It's showtime! 🌟
Optional programme: Day trip to Pilsen and Pilsen brewery tour, Macocha Abyss cave system
Theme: Your exclusive backstage pass to the coolest summer in the Czech Republic, featuring different cinematic themes every day, together with AEGEE-Academy workshops and the best vibe, all in four different cities. Accomodation: dorms, hostel. This event was organized by AEGEE-Praha and AEGEE-Brno.

Кога 🕔︎четвъртък, 04 юли 2024 г., 17:00 ч. - неделя, 14 юли, 10:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Praha φ50.08652 λ14.42375

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Организатор AEGEE-Praha,, AEGEE-Brno

Категории: Personal development и SU

Въведено: неделя, 04 февруари 2024 г., 21:26:38 ч. Гринуич+1

Последна промяна: вторник, 28 май 2024 г., 13:41:42 ч. Гринуич+2

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