BriXtreme | Summer Event 2020

#WHEN                 5th-9th August 2020

#WHERE               Brescia

#FEE                      80€


       - 10€ kayak to Montisola, the biggest lake island in Europe
       - 14€ Adventure Park & Rope Jump (15 meters)

Are you "extreme" enough to become one of the first European coming to Red Zone after the a pandemic lockdown? 😷

If the answer to this question is yes and if you're passionate in NATURE, SPORT and CULTURE this is the perfect event for you! Brescia and its surrounding have peaceful and stunning lands and lakes where you can find both relaxation and adrenaline. 🌳

AEGEE-Brescia has created the best mix of THRILLING SPORTS and intense activities to enjoy Brescia. You will spend 4 amazing days challenging yourself through HIKING, KAYAKING, e CLIMBING from one tree to another just like Tarzan does. Are you brave enough to JUMP from a 15 meters high platform? 📛

Moreover, you are going to have a full immersion in the history of Brescia through a CITYTOUR and the visit of the ruins of Gleno dam, where a terrifying disaster took place. 🗿

Are you ready to have a no-stop connection with the North Italian nature? Are you ready to push your body to the EXTREME? Are you ready to do all of these with other 24 sporty-flawless-aegeeans?

What To Expect?

👁️ City Tour

🌳 Adventure Park

🦘 Rope Jumping

🛶 Kayaking to Montisola

🏐 Games at Lakeside

🥾 Hiking to Gleno dam

🎉 X-tream Party

🥘 Typical food

🏡 A mountain house just for us


⚠️ The event will fulfill all the COVID-19 regulations provided by the italian government ⚠️

Wann 🕗︎Mittwoch, 05. August 2020 um 08:00 - Sonntag, 09. August um 17:00 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort Brescia φ45.55154 λ10.22094


Veranstalter AEGEE-Brescia

Kategorie: Cultural

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