Novi Sad ACEd it - Agora Celebration Event!

AEGEE-Novi Sad is proud and honored to have received the trust of the Network and been selected as the hosting local of the Spring Agora 2022!✨ As a tribute to all of you lovely AEGEEans who supported us, we decided to prepare a special treat.

In the spirit of our local, we want to do what we love the most - bringing you here and showing you the essence of Novi Sad and the fiery core of the people welcoming you!💕

Did you miss Summer Events?☀
Did you miss meeting with other Europeans?
Did you miss sharing and discussing AEGEE values?
Did you miss traveling to places old and new?

Worry not, we've got you covered!😁

Join us in the city of Youth and Culture! Be here to share all the joy and happiness with us in opening the Agora project. Grace our Gala Celebration and party with our partners that will make the Agora happen.🙌
Experience all the colours of the city and feel what makes it a perfect place to come back to. Fall in love with the historic city center and the romantic fortress. Taste the best delicacies and let them bathe in divine wines and beers. Enjoy the sandy beach⛱ and see why you don't need a sea to party on the water. Get a hint of how to make a brighter future and learn why Novi Sad became the Youth and Culture Capital of Europe!🌍

What can you expect once you join us?

- 🏠Accommodation in a modern hostel
- 🍝Two meals a day
- 💃🕺Gala night
- 🏁City rally
- ⚖Workshops: Youth initiatives that bring a brighter future; How culture shaped a city?
- 💙European night
- ⛱City beach visit (volleyball tournament, kayaking, beach games, etc.)
- 🍷Wine tasting at 4 wineries in Sremski Karlovci
- 🎶Karaoke
- ⛵Pirates boat party
- 🍻Brewery visit
- 💥Pub crawl
- 🔊Fortress and Catacombs tour
- 📌Serbian Traditions workshop - Slava
- and many hidden gems to be discovered💎

We hope to see you in Novi Sad!😍

Wann 🕛︎Montag, 02. August 2021 um 12:00 - Sonntag, 08. August um 12:00 MESZ


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