ICEY ARTS pre-event

AEGEE-Athina and AEGEE-Lefkosia are organising an exchange program for you to visit Athens and the nearby islands. ICEY ARTS pre-event would be a five-day exchange event that would aim to open the discussion about democratic participation through art and expression. It would consist of workshops, discussions, performances, city explorations and idea formations.

Day 1:
-Guided Tours,
-Project Presentation,
-Traditional Dinner,
-Free time,
-Social Time.

Day 2:
-Small Excursion Trip or/and Cruise Trip in islands near Athens,
-Cultural Workshop,
-Volunteerism Workshop,
-Free Time,
-Social Time.

Day 3:
-Art Guided Tour,
-City Survey Activity,
-Visit in the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens,
-Free Time,
-Social Time.

Day 4:  -Exhibition Small Festival,
-Project Hub,
-Simulation Games,
-City Rally,
-Free Time,
-Social Time.

Day 5: -Making a Cultural Project,

*There may be changes to the program depending on participation.

The fee covers accommodation in the hostel, transportation during the event, entrances to the museums, trip/cruise, two meals per day (1 warm), materials.

We will provide sanitisers and face masks for free.

We encourage all of you to apply to our event. Check firstly what are the rules for travelling from your country to Greece via

We are looking forward to meeting you soon, lovely AEGEEans!!! Hurry up!!! Just a few days for the deadline...

Cheers from Athens :D

#culturelovers #artlovers #sunlovers #sealovers #athenslovers and mainly #AEGEElovers are welcome and ideal participants!!!

Wann 🕚︎Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2021 um 11:00 - Sonntag, 27. Juni um 11:00 MESZ


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