Start the New Year with a bang


Are you looking to celebrate your New Year’s Eve like you’ve never done before?
Are you fed up with sitting at home and in need of a fun week abroad with 24 other

If this is the case, come join us in Utrecht for an amazing week full of laughter, Dutch
(food) culture, parties, spectacular people and most importantly, fantastic activities

You will be housed in Utrecht , fourth largest and one of the most beautiful cities in
the Netherlands (or world if you ask us 🌎). From here we will take you on a journey
through the city 🌇🏙🌃 along the channels and our famous Dom tower 🔔, to
partake in traditional Dutch new years events.

A few of the highlights:

- An amazing cheese making workshop 🧀🐄
- Partaking in the most famous Dutch NYE tradition, the New Year’s dive
- A European night (ofcourse) 󰎾
- Ice skating! ⛸🧊
- A Dutch winterfestivity workshop, including lots of good food 🥘🥞🥧
- A visit to the most famous city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam 🍃
- Enjoying the nightlife of Utrecht 🎉
- An amazing NYE party 🎉🍾🥳
- Hopefully some snow! ❄️☃️

AEGEE-Utrecht provides you with all these fun activities (and more), two meals
every day and a hostel close to the city center, for only €195,- (optional fee €30,-).
The hostel is perfectly located to get to know the citylife both by day and night.

We want to show you what the Dutch new year is all about, while having a great
time! Apply for our event and you’re guaranteed to participate in an event you’ll
never forget 🤩󰐗!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in the Netherlands we can unfortunately only accept
those of you who have been fully vaccinated, as most public activities require you to
give proof that you are healthy upon entry. To prove this you will need a "European
Digital Covid Certificate (EU DCC)", this way we can verify your full vaccination and
you will be able to partake in all public activities.
Optional programme: A few hours of iceskating and a day trip to Winter Amsterdam

Wann 🕓︎Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2021 um 16:00 - Montag, 03. Januar 2022 um 10:00 MEZ

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🌐︎ Ort Utrecht φ52.09085 λ5.12176


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