Benivision: From Benidorm to Turin

❤️ This year Eurovision returns with the batteries more than renewed and with more enthusiasm than ever! And since, in Spain, we have realized that... Benidorm Fest is here! 🌴🏙️ The first great festival in years that is organized to find the best singers and songs in our country for the next edition of the ESC 2022 in Turin 😎

🤍 And as we could not be left behind, we present what will be the first Eurovision event organized by AEGEE-Alicante. Therefore, without further ado, we present… 🥁  Drum roll  🥁 the incredible, exciting and, without a doubt, surprising… 1st edition of Benivision: From Benidorm to Turin! 🥳

💚 Do you want to discover live who will represent Spain in Turin, in addition to spending a whole weekend in the new Spanish Eurovision capital surrounded by the greatest Eurofan atmosphere ever seen before? 🎙️ Then you are in the right place! Don't think twice and…


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😷 Please check the travel restrictions and general COVID-19 regulations before your arrival:
Optional programme: Possible optional fee: Tickets for the Benidorm Fest’s Grand Final (from 20 to 45€ approximately). These tickets will not be guaranteed by AEGEE-Alicante for now. Anyway, we’re in conversations with different entities to acquire tickets for everyone to attend the festival as a whole group. If the answer is positive, they would be guaranteed, so we’ll keep you updated if there are any changes. The intention is that all participants go to the festival, as it will be the main event occurring in the city during that period. In the case we couldn't arrange group tickets in the end, we would keep you informed on how and when to buy your tickets, as well as we'll get you in touch with other participants in order for you to buy tickets together.

Wann 🕔︎Freitag, 28. Januar 2022 um 17:00 - Sonntag, 30. Januar um 13:00 MEZ

🌐︎ Ort Benidorm (Alicante, Spain) φ38.54086 λ-0.12904


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