NWM Castelló 2022: Never Without Magic

Spring NWM of La Nave is here! 🚀
AEGEE- Castelló presents: ✨ Never Without Magic ✨
Spring is coming and the magic of Disney is filling our hearts with sparkles. This is the place where your dreams come true 🏰.
Let's share ideas and make them real 🌟
📍WHERE: Viver, Castelló, Spain
📅WHEN: 14.04.-17.04.2022
💰FEE: 50€
✔️PAX: 60
What can you expect?
💡 Connect with people from different locals
💡 Exchange ideas
💡 Develop your projects
💡 Make an impact in your local!
💡 And much more...

What is going to be provided?
✔️ 3 meals a day
✔️ Accommodation
✔️ Magical social program (Disney surprises;)
✔️ Great people
✔️ AEGEE-Spirit!

💉 COVID RULES: To attend this event you have to be fully vaccinated or show a PCR/Antigen test. More info will be given to you regarding this topic.

Wann 🕖︎Donnerstag, 14. April 2022 um 19:00 - Sonntag, 17. April um 17:00 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort viver φ39.92231 λ-0.59777

URL https://my.aegee.eu/events/nwm-castello-2022-never-without-magic

Kategorie: Network meeting

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