DE-TECHNOLOGIZATION: Can you survive four days in the greenest region of Europe without technology?

AEGEE Pescara 🐬 is waiting for you! Turn your phone off and join our first international event!
A four day long experience across Abruzzo, the greenest region of Europe, without any technological device📵

🟩 Receive your own pocket camera with 25 pictures only! Can you manage to take only 25 pictures all along the whole experience?

⬜ Visit incredible medieval castles 🏰 like Rocca Calascio, among the the top 15 castles in the world (National Geographic says)

🟩 Send love to the world from Scanno lake, one of the five ❤ shaped lakes in the entire world

🟦 Challenge your friends along Tirino river in a rowing 🛶 competition

⬜ Climb the Gran Sasso mountain 🏔, from where you can see both the Italian coasts and Rome🏛

🟩 Get lost in the woods ⛺ and befriend  Marsicano bears 🐻 and Appenninico wolves 🐺.

⬜ Are you hungry? No problem, many special Abruzzo’s dishes will be waiting for you: arrosticini, pecorino cheese 🧀, Montepulciano red wine (NBA star Lebron James's favorite wine) 🍷 and a lot more.

And after such a day, why not to sleep in a house on the hill and with a view on the Adriatic sea 😴?

NB Since it's an event based on the not use of technology, every participant will be allowed to use his/her own camera one hour per day, between 7 and 8 pm. One general phone will be always with us in case of emergencies.

⏱ Are you still reading? Come on, submit your Application!

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Required a proof of vaccination (with the exception of partecipants who due to severe reason or health issues are not able to get vaccinated) and a negative PCR test (no older than 72 hours)
Optional programme: Rafting in Tirino river

Кога 🕛︎четвъртък, 07 април 2022 г., 12:00 ч. - понеделник, 11 април, 12:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Pescara φ42.47341 λ14.20645

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