CHIPIONA 2022: Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism

All the necessary ingredients for an exciting, enriching life and professional adventure are integrated by the Chipiona 2022: Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism. On the other hand for the fertile and up-to-date university instruction, thanks to the ongoing research. But also for the desired and necessary summer relaxation, after the academic year, provided by the paradisiacal, virgin and sound beaches of Chipiona, Tourist Municipality of Andalusia, as well as the famous Andalusian gastronomy 🍽️​🦐​🐟 offered by its "tapas" from Cádiz. ​​

In fact, the beach and the sea will not only be the protagonists of the daily free time. A natural spa with iodized waters from where the Sanatorio Marítimo de Santa Clara, the most important in the country and where the Inturjoven Hostel is located, will lodge the participants of the event, at the beginning of the virgin beaches of the south of Chipiona. ​🏖️​🏝️​ At the same time, the coast will also be the place for our academic exploration, because the extensive intertidal beach and coastline of Chipiona is a rich environment with a cultural heritage which is of national excellence. ​☀️​🌊​ A masterpiece in the country with collective value, this heritage is the basis of the research project Chipiona, Place of Memory (University of Granada), from which the academic content that will be given in our programme. The Chipiona 2022: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism, introduces us to the need for social promotion of cultural heritage. On the one hand as a traditional resource that enriches tourism, but also on the other hand as a sign of historical teachings, which are catalysts in the present of its sustainability. 🌍​

Workshop trips included in our program that you can enjoy: Spain lighthouse · Faro de Chipiona · Guadalquivir mouth · Museums of the Sea · Country exploration · Santuario de Regla · Andalusi road of Chipiona · Reef ecology · Fishing weirs · Chipiona sherry winery · Bodega católico agrícola centenary · Guadalquivir mouth cruise · Salmedina reef · Doñana National Park · Quaternary fossil beaches · Roman and medieval quarries.

This event is an opportunity to enjoy a few summer days at the Ocean sea and its impressive history of Spain, of which Chipiona is a Place of Memory that will always remain alive in our minds.

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Кога 🕔︎понеделник, 05 септември 2022 г., 17:00 ч. - събота, 10 септември, 15:00 ч. Гринуич+2

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