Run AEGEEan Run vol.V

Proudly presents by AEGEE-ISTANBUL: Run AEGEEan Run vol.V
Built in 1973, the first connection between Asia & Europe by land, where 185.000 cars pass by per day, the Bosphorus Bridge has always charmed us. Moreover, when the day of the year comes, there are only people, running freely on the Bridge!

Do you dare to skip this day and move on your life without this unique experience? Well, I don't think so, my friend!

Do you even dare to skip the Unicornly way Boat Tour in Bosphorous?

What about the Turkish Cuisine which has the best deserts that cry when you don't eat them? Do you want to make them upset?

Not satisfied yet?

Well, if not, then you are totally(!) welcome to miss the opportunity of learning one of the most complicated but amazing history and culture of the biggest city of Europe, where 18 million people live and you still feel each year of 700 years of an empire, where is also the host of many masterpieces awaited to be seen with the magical architecture!

Now, I feel that you are hyped up, ha? Then take your running shoe with you: Because we are about to run on the see for the 5th time!

What is included in the fee?
- Accommodation at hostel

- Transportation

- Breakfast and 1 meal per day

- Social Programs

- Visiting Miniaturk

- Turkish Bath(Hamam)

- Topkapi Palace (optional), Haiga Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar,Basilica Cistern and more in Old Town and activities

- European Night

- Boat Tour

- Crossing the Bosphorus by RUNNING

RAR specific regulations
Your safety is our priority. In these sensitive times, we expect you to respect local regulations against Covid. Furthermore, we advise you to bring your mask with you (we will provide it) at all times and keep a safe distance from those around you. We are doing everything we can in order for you to have some fun without any incidents. So please, try to respect the rules set by your fellow organizers during the event. :)

Payment and cancellation rules

If we have to cancel our RunAegeeanRun event for unexpected reasons, we guarantee a full refund. In the case of a compulsory cancellation of your application, we will refund the fee except for the expenses used for accommodation.
Optional programme: Topkapi Palace

Wann 🕐︎Mittwoch, 02. November 2022 um 13:00 - Montag, 07. November um 08:00 MEZ

🌐︎ Ort Bosphrous Bridge φ41.04672 λ29.03395


Veranstalter AEGEE-Istanbul

Kategorie: Cultural

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