NWM Praha: Czech the Wild East

👉 Are you ready to get a sense of East wildness, broaden your knowledge and also meet other motivated AEGEEans?

🔥 If yes, then your next stop is Prague on 3rd of November🔥

Network Commission along with Wild East and AEGEE-Praha cordially invite you to be one of the 25 motivated participants of our Network Meeting. During our sessions, you will learn more about the future of our organization, the issues concerning us all young people today and also discover our cultural similarities. 😍🥳

Apply and Make Your Voice to Be Heard 🎤

Take a look for COVID-19 regulations in Czech Republic -> www.visitczechrepublic.com/en-US/926179fc-1601-4cf8-b201-0b33b3878f08/page/covid-19


Wann 🕛︎Donnerstag, 03. November 2022 um 12:00 - Sonntag, 06. November um 12:00 MEZ

🌐︎ Ort Praha φ50.09033 λ14.42081

URL https://my.aegee.eu/events/nwm-praha

Veranstalter AEGEE-Praha

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