A Christmas Fairytale

Dear fellow AEGEEans!
What could there be better in winter than celebrating the start of the Christmas month all together and learning about German Christmas traditions? 🎄🌟
Therefore, we invite you to apply to be one of the lucky people who join us on our Christmas fairytale! In order to get into the spirit, we will visit two very distinctive and unique Christmas markets: The medieval market in Esslingen which makes you feel like living in a vibrant Christmas city 800 years ago: Here, you will try local mulled wine 🍷, listen to artists, be amazed by jugglers and contest in throwing axes 🪓 - all in the scenery of Esslingen, a medieval city close to Stuttgart.

The next day is a day about chocolate 🍫 - isn’t that amazing? We will show you around a Christmas market in Tübingen which is solely dedicated to this topic. There are a lot of great craftsmen and craftswomen who create some of the most unique and creative chocolates you probably have tried so far! What makes this trip even more fairytale-like is the town of Tübingen itself being illuminated by colorful mystic projections on the old buildings. Let yourself be enchanted! 😮

But wait, there's more! In Germany, we not only enjoy ourselves at Christmas markets but we also love being comfortable and cozy. To give you a good glimpse of how we do it, there are two workshops awaiting you: You will learn how to bake Christmas cookies 🍪! In Germany, there’s no Christmas without cookies and therefore having cookies tells “soon, it’s Christmas”. The second workshop is about the Feuerzangenbowle which is a badass drink of sugar and fire - trust me, it’s good!

But AEGEE-Stuttgart, did you forget about the most iconic AEGEE-Event 😨? No, of course not! On seconds night’s party, we will have the famous European Night and try specialties to eat and drink from every country present 🥐🥨🍜🍕!

Could there be any reason not to sign up?

What’s included?

- Accommodation in a self-serviced house in the vineyards

- two meals per day

- transportation

- everything you eat and drink during the workshops

- heaps of fun and great people!

Some notes on Covid:

- here you can find the current covid rules of the province of Baden-Württemberg: https://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/en/service/aktuelle-infos-zu-corona/corona-information-in-other-languages/

- Currently, no infection-related rules for entering Germany apply. However, there is an obligation to wear a FFP2 face mask in public transport.

- Disclaimer: Covid might become worse! In case of new laws regarding Covid, the program of the event (and the event itself) is subject to change.

When 🕕︎Thursday, December 01, 2022 at 18:00 - Sunday, December 04 at 12:00 GMT+1

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Organizer AEGEE-Stuttgart

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