Are you ready to be part of the most sustainable pre-Agora in AEGEE History?

Because AEGEE-Aachen is ready to host 15 of you in Aachen and all the way to Enschede! Do you want to raise awareness about global warming while having fun with other Aegeeans? If your answer is also YES then join us on our AEGEE-Peleton to Enschede!

We are excited to invite you to our bike tour through German villages up to the border of the Netherlands. During this beautiful trip we camp everyday in different places and visit interesting viewpoints on the way. We might visit some traditional German bars as well 🍻.

Remember we will cycle from Aachen to Enschede approx. 200 km ! 🚲🚲🚲 But no worries we have a security car following us for emergencies and needs, like a cold beer for the break.

Important Note: If you can bring your own bike, you get a 10€ discount from us!

Fee Includes:

✔️Accommodation at private hosts in Aachen and Camping on the way

✔️2 meals per day

✔️Bike, helmet and repairing\First Aid service if needed

✔️Moreover, for sure Lifelong Friendships and Stories to tell to grandkids!

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If you have any questions you can contact us on vorstand@aegee-aachen.org
Optional programme: Visiting the Roman Ruins in Xanten

When 🕓︎Friday, May 12, 2023 at 16:00 - Tuesday, May 16 at 12:00 GMT+2

🌐︎ Location Aachen φ50.77693 λ6.08378

URL https://my.aegee.eu/events/2wheels2agora

Organizer AEGEE-Aachen

Category: Cultural

Created on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 22:06:07 GMT+1

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