Safe Person Training Strasbourg

Dear AEGEEans,

The Safe Person Committee of AEGEE-Europe is inviting you to apply to a Safe Person Training event and become a Safe Person.

The Safe Person Committee is a body within AEGEE that aims to make AEGEE a Safe Space and tackle any and all forms of Sexual Harassment. The Committee ensures we have trained members who can prevent, detect and react to cases of sexual harassment. In order to be able to fulfil its aim, SPC organises training for AEGEE members in order to develop Safe Persons.

The training has the aim to broaden the knowledge of it's participants on the topic of Sexual Harassment and equip them with techniques and methods to tackle harassment. More precisely it prepares the Safe Persons to be able to prevent, detect and react to cases of Sexual Harassment during AEGEE events.

The training last for 5 days. The first day is reserved for broadening the knowledge in regards to the topic of Sexual Harassment and exchanging of experiences in regards to the topic among the participants. The following days aim to develop the skills of the trainees needed to detect, prevent and detect sexual harassment.

The training is open to all AEGEE members, and previous knowledge in regards to tackling sexual harassment is not requested. However, it is expected that the participants are interested in the topic, and would like to dedicate themselves to working as Safe Persons throughout their AEGEE career.

The training itself will take place in Strasbourg between the 18th and 23rd of September, with the 17th and the 24th being the arrival and departure dates.

The activity is co-funded by the Council of Europe, and will be held at the European Youth Center in Strasbourg. Participants’ expenses, including tuition, travel costs, accommodation and meals will be covered by the CoE. There is a 50 Euro participation fee, which will be deducted from the travel reimbursement.

For any questions you might have, please reach out to us on the following email address:

Let us maintain AEGEE as a Safe Place for all.

Safe Person Committee of AEGEE-Europe

When 🕖︎Monday, September 18, 2023 at 07:00 - Saturday, September 23 at 21:00 GMT+2

🌐︎ Location Sreasbourg φ48.59387 λ7.74858


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