Galaball Edition 20 - A Royal Masquerade Ball

Dear Network,
we are happy to invite you again to our lovely city! Now for the 20th time we are organizing our Galaball. This year's theme is ✨ A Royal Masquerade Ball ✨.
Get dressed up in your finest evening gown, pull out your crown and put on your mask 🎭👑 The new event location Karlstorbahnhof is waiting for you in Heidelberg, Germany’s prettiest university city. An amazing DJ and the band “Delta Dance Combo” will make you dance the night away. 🕺🪩
… But you will not only visit our ball! 🤯 There will be a fun accompanying social program including a city tour 🏙️, a christmas market visit 🎅🏽, a dance class 🎶 and a European brunch 🥐
The weekend will be open for everyone, no matter if active or former AEGEE member, international or local student of Heidelberg. You will have the chance to connect with a lot of different people. ❤️🤗
This MyAEGEE event includes:
🎟️ a ticket to our Galaball
🛏️ accommodation in our shared group home (with proper beds!)
🍝 1 warm meal per day + breakfast
🇪🇺 European brunch
💃🏼 dance workshop
🔎 guided city tour
🏰 castle visit and guided tour (optional fee)
🎄 Christmas market visit
🚍 transportation

You can alternatively get tickets for just the Galaball itself on our website. Those don’t include any accommodation etc., so make sure to grab one of the spots here on MyAEGEE while they are available!

AEGEE-Heidelberg and our mascot Friedrich 🐧  are awaiting you eagerly. 💙
Optional programme: On Saturday you will have the opportunity to access and learn more about the beautiful castle in Heidelberg.

Wann 🕓︎Freitag, 15. Dezember 2023 um 16:00 - Sonntag, 17. Dezember um 13:00 MEZ

🌐︎ Ort Heidelberg φ49.40626 λ8.6877


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