Did you apply for AGORA Salerno 2019?

Did you book a flight to Italy?

Now you know that your first stop or more correct your MANDATORY stop is NAPOLI!!!

Before getting crazy and freaking out for the AGORA experience start feeling the AEGEE spirit in our beautiful city!!!

There are many things that make Napoli worth than a visit.

Every one knows how warm, lovely and funny neapolitan people are.

You can taste our endless list of typical food, ranging from the glorious "cuzzetiello co' rraù" to our immortal Pizza!

You shouldn't forget that, apart from eating, neapolitans love drinking Limoncello, Meloncello and Rucolino.

Furthermore do you know that Napoli is also known as the "7 castle city"?
That's how many castle we've got accros history.
One of them is located on a island in the middle of our wonderful gulf: you'll have the chance to climb it to the top, enjoying the sea breeze from this extraordinary place.

We can go on forever but enough spoiler here.
Just come and see with your eyes our beauties and spending 3 days in a unique environment.

What is included in the fee of 70€?
🏡 Accommodation:  3 nights in HOSTEL (with real beds)
🍲 Food: 3 breakfasts and 3 warm meal
🔺 A lot of activities
🚍 Bus ride to AGORA

Event link https://www.facebook.com/events/719348158530066/?ti=cl

Кога 🕔︎неделя, 20 октомври 2019 г., 17:00 ч. - сряда, 23 октомври, 10:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Napoli φ40.84816 λ14.27233

Интернет адрес https://my.aegee.eu/events/23

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