Valencia is on Fire!

Valencia has done it again, we are bringing the CALORET again ❤️
That's why we are hosting 20 participants in Alboraya (a village 5 minutes by metro from Valencia).🚇

What is Fallas?
From the 1st to 19th March, València is overturned by Fallas celebrations, a festivity that combines tradition, satire and art which shouldn’t be missed for anything in the world.🤩 Fallas is also the name of the monuments, works of art which, in some cases, cost millions of euros.
All the monuments that are set up in Valencia must be fully finished by the morning of the 16th. That is the day that the judges award the best ones and choose the "ninot indultat", the only figure to be saved from the FIRE 🔥.
You will be able to feel the real Valencian culture.:
- Horchata with fartons!
- Fallas are full of fire, so we will enjoy impressive firework displays.🧨🧨
- Learn how to make our famous and tasty "Agua de Valencia", a beverage made of our tastier oranges. 🍸🍸
Before the event finishes on the 20th morning, participants will see "La Cremà" on the 19th, when all monuments will start to burn. Everyone should come to Fallas at least once in their life, although we’ll warn you now, with everything that there is to see and do you’re sure to want to experience it again!😜
Optional programme: La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències: Oceanographic Valencia

When 🕛︎Friday, March 15, 2024 at 12:00 - Wednesday, March 20 at 12:00 GMT+1

🌐︎ Location VALENCIA φ39.47879 λ-0.37615


Organizer AEGEE-Valencia

Category: Cultural

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