PreAGORA 24 - Unleash your inner Serb

Dobar dan, Evropo 🌍! It's Belgrade calling ❤️💙🤍
Are you hyped for the upcoming Spring Agora Novi Sad 2024? Cause we sure are 😌 and in a true Serbian way we would like to stir the pot just a tiny little bit more  🤪.

We are inviting you to embark on a journey to become a true "Srbenda" (we don't recommend you google that). Join us in the vibrant city of Belgrade! A city where west meets east, ancient meets modern and the city that unites inconsistencies🥸

At our event you would be sleeping on a very exciting hostel that floats on the river Danube (no for real it's a hostel on rift, and yes you heard it right, there will be beds for everyone, and no it won't sink... well unless we party a bit too hard 😉). You will get the opportunity to try unique Serbian cuisine and also enjoy it in a way we love to do it with our families, but more about that when you arrive. We want to get you lost (no, not literally lost, read between the lines) in the city that never sleeps and show you its widely appreciated night life that the city is known for as well as show you its rich cultural heritage through the National museum as well as Nikola Tesla museum and we have also prepared some very fun challenges and games that will put your social skills to the test 😏

But wait! That's not all!!! After the whole event is over you don't have to think about getting to Novi Sad cause we will do it for you! Fee includes the one way train ticket to Novi Sad so we can all go together. Thank us later 😘
So what are you waiting for... fill in that application form and let Belgrade be your favourite hello and the hardest goodbye 🥰
Applications are over.

Кога 🕔︎събота, 20 април 2024 г., 17:00 ч. - вторник, 23 април, 09:00 ч. Гринуич+2

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Организатор AEGEE-Beograd

Категория: Cultural

Въведено: сряда, 28 февруари 2024 г., 13:31:04 ч. Гринуич+1

Последна промяна: събота, 02 март 2024 г., 22:38:58 ч. Гринуич+1

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