Next Pier: Passau!

Welcome on board!

This summer, AEGEE-Passau invites you to the city of the three rivers to join the notorious boat party on the majestic Danube River 🛥🕺🍾. Get ready to set sail for the hottest event of the year! Let the rhythm of the DJ's beats guide you as you dance under the shining sun. This year's theme? "Too Hot to Boat" promises an electrifying atmosphere with students from all corners of the globe.

What is waiting for you on top of a legendary party:

• Discovering our lovely city center with the best spots to take photos 🗽

• A short hike to the Veste Oberhaus, a castle with a great view on Passau 🏰

• A visit to a cider manifacturer next to the river Inn 🍹😋

The fee also includes accomodation provided by our members, a breakfast and a warm meal every day, the ticket and pre-drinking for the boat party and we will rent bikes for you on Wednesday.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and let's make waves together!
Applications are over.

Кога 🕑︎вторник, 11 юни 2024 г., 14:00 ч. - петък, 14 юни, 11:00 ч. Гринуич+2

🌐︎ Място Passau φ48.57742 λ13.45524

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Въведено: понеделник, 15 април 2024 г., 22:04:08 ч. Гринуич+2

Последна промяна: четвъртък, 18 април 2024 г., 21:09:11 ч. Гринуич+2

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