AEGEE BBQ - Relax, it's just heat & meat

The summer is not over until we say it's over!

That is why AEGEE-Maribor and AEGEE-Ljubljana are organising a BBQ and volleyball tournament.

⏰ When? 14.-15. 9. 2019

⏰ Beginning? 15.00

⛱ Where? ŠRC Fontana, Gosposvetska cesta 114, Maribor

💵 Price? 6 € (includes food and volleyball court, drinks are on you)

🛏 Accommodation? Provided (air matress)

👫 Participants: 25


When we gather (around 3 pm) we will split into teams and show our volleyball skills 🏐!

At 5.00 pm we will have a break to eat something so we will have enough energy to continue with our tournament. 🌭

After the tournament is over, we go out to celebrate our volleyball victories/defeats at nearby clubs. 💃🏻 💃🏻

Apply also on Google form: This event was organized by AEGEE-Maribor and AEGEE-Ljubljana.

When 🕒︎Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 15:00 - Sunday, September 15 at 12:00 GMT+2

🌐︎ Location Maribor φ46.54676 λ15.65664


Organizer AEGEE-Maribor, AEGEE-Ljubljana

Category: Conference

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