NWM Athina 2019: Athend it!

Hello dear AEGEEans!

Have you been looking for a perfect getaway at the end of November before the whole Christmas madness begins? Do you want to spend this time with new people while sharing ideas and building the future of your local and AEGEE? Are you interested in visiting the city that never sleeps and get inspired with its vibrant soul and overflowing history?

Well... STOP right here, we have something just for you!

Network Commission and AEGEE-Athina joined forces and want to invite you to participate in an event that will give you an unforgettable opportunity! It includes sharing the best practices between locals, strengthening bonds between individual members and coming up together with new ideas for the Network. Together we will work on developing ideas by providing you with space for discussion where you can put your craziest wishes into practice and find solutions to develop our Network. During all this, you will experience Athens from its crowd-filled roads in Syntagma to the relaxed sideroads in Koukaki!

So, what we can offer?

✅ Accommodation in hostel

✅ Two meals per day

✅ Inspiring content provided by NetCom

✅ Secret Gateways in the Nightlife of Athens :D

Are you one of the 25 motivated people who are ready to att(h)end this event? APPLY today!

⏲️ When: 29.11- 2.12.2019

🧭 Where: Athens, Greece

💰 Fee: 50€

⏰ Deadline: 3rd November 2019

Up to 100 euros of reimbursement can be provided, if you are traveling from the eligible countries: Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria/ Croatia / Czech Republic/ Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Norway / North Macedonia/ Poland / Portugal / Romania / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / the Netherlands or Turkey. The reimbursement is based on real costs and must be documented with boarding passes and original tickets.

The Network meeting is an event under the Project "My Europe My Say", co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

Wann 🕛︎Freitag, 29. November 2019 um 12:00 - Montag, 02. Dezember um 12:00 MEZ

URL https://my.aegee.eu/events/nwm-athina2019

Veranstalter Network Commission

Kategorie: Network meeting

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