No REST in BuchaREST

Heyya AEGEE people!

Did you missed an event organized by the city that doesn’t sleep? Well, we are happy to announce that this year AEGEE-București will be the host of New Year Event: No REST in BuchaREST. This year, the AEGEE-București Bus will leave the station on 28th December 2019 and will arrive on 2nd January 2020. Free seats: 35, the ticket price: 160€. This ticket includes: museum entrances, City-Tour, parties and other surprises 🎉🥂🚌.

We want you on our bus!

#NoRESTinBuchaREST #AEGEEBucurestiBus #fun #NYE #Seeyousoon

Wann 🕓︎Samstag, 28. Dezember 2019 um 16:00 - Donnerstag, 02. Januar 2020 um 09:00 MEZ

🌐︎ Ort București φ50.85033 λ4.35171


Veranstalter AEGEE-Bucureşti

Kategorie: Cultural

Erstellt am Montag, 07. Oktober 2019 um 18:27:18 MESZ

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