From white to purple💜 (NYE vol. 13)

Roses are red, violets are blue... ready to get purple? we are waiting for you! 💜

One of the most knows winter event in AEGEE network is back! For the 13th time, we're gonna show you just how amazing Slovenia is. From the highest peaks of Pohorje to the deepest wine cellar of Maribor, you're gonna see it all. And for the grand finals we're going to a rooftop club in Maribor so you'll be able to experience NYE of your lifetime.

- 8 amazing days in Maribor
- 3 skiing/snowboarding days on Pohorje
- Wine tasting in one of the biggest classical wine cellars in Europe
- Folklore and traditional food
- Spa and sauna on the first day of 2020
- Visiting Bled and Ljubljana
- 7 amazing parties

If you're still not convinced, just check our after movie ( or ask one of your friends who already attended our NYE. Stop hearing about our parties and be a part of it. Maribor is waiting for you!

*Skiing equipment  not included in the price

For more information please contact at or

Wann 🕒︎Donnerstag, 26. Dezember 2019 um 15:00 - Donnerstag, 02. Januar 2020 um 12:00 MEZ

🌐︎ Ort Maribor φ50.85033 λ4.35171


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