If you want to know a SPANISH LOCAL FESTIVITIES in its Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepest way, you have to come to Valencia in March. You will discover ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS FESTIVALS IN EUROPE, the
FALLAS, which is the name given to the gigantic structures which humorously portray the
most relevant current events and personalities. They are shown during the whole week
and finally burn in the night of the 19th of march. Valencia becomes a big museum
this week.
Gunpower runs in Valencian blood, you will enjoy the noisy “Mascleta”, the “Correfocs”
and the best Fireworks in the world.
The Fallas are not just that, though. During the week the streets are alive with fireworks
displays, music bands, artistic lighting, street performances, parades… Taste our typical
“water”, our paellas and discover our beautiful city: we´ve got architecture in all of its
types, we´ve got a dry river where you can sleep and sunbath, we´ve got beaches, and,
during the Fallas´week, we´ve got also people from all over the world!
Valencian Fallas festival became Human Cultural World Heritage by Unesco at 2013. And
not only that, we will have like always in Aegee-Valencia our Aegee Lessons, European
night, Icebreaking games…
The noise, the colours, the art, the friendly people of Valencia, the music and the party
and the fire is waiting for you… make yourself an authentic Valencian person by keeping
24 hours in the street sightseeing the monuments and sculptures!
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most spectacular, complete local festival on

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