Discussing our Future - Europe at a Crossroad

What is the future of the European Union going to be like?

If you want to know the major tasks of the European Union within the next years, join our event and take part at various workshops and enjoy 4 unforgettable and informative days in Mannheim with AEGEEans from all over Europe. And the highlight? 🎤 A panel discussion at the Mannheim Forum 2020!

When? ➡️ 19.03.2020 – 22.03.2020

We may not have a fortuneteller or any supernatural abilities, but what we do have are:

🇪🇺 high renowned politicians such as Damian Böselager MEP, the founder of Volt

🇪🇺 one of the leading political scientists of Germany, Thomas König

🇪🇺 famous journalists

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and experience:

✅ panel discussion at the Mannheim Forum

✅ workshop on European Citizenship

✅ workshop on the European Union

✅ a legendary Schneckenhof Party in the Mannheim Castle (just google it)

✅ pub crawl

✅ European night

✅ Heidelberg City Tour

✅ breakfast and dinner included

✅ AEGEE like accommodation in a very comfy gym with 10-15 AEGEEans

This event offers you the perfect possibility to evolve personally, politically and broaden your horizon. We promise: you will think differently after this event and be the leader at any political discussion back at your antenna!

The association Mannheim Forum e.V. is an accredited student initiative of the University of Mannheim with the aim of establishing an annual interdisciplinary student congress in Mannheim. The forum offers students an innovative platform to exchange ideas with renowned decision-makers from business, politics, science and culture about socially relevant developments and problems.

The price is only 55 €! So, don’t be late and secure your place. See you at Mannheim!

When 🕛︎Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 12:00 - Sunday, March 22 at 12:00 GMT+1

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