Application deadline: Borderless Berlin

The event takes place from Friday, 10 November until Sunday, 12 November.

Come to Berlin and learn more about Political Activism!

What can you expect?

- A weekend with two half-day socio-cultural workshops, where you’ll interact and learn directly from experienced AEGEEans
    - With themes ranging from Berlin’s historical background to Digital Activism in social media. ✊
        - One workshop will cover how you can become a digital activist and promote your topics online!
        - One workshop will cover Berlin’s history, connecting its past to its present.

- A weekend ALSO full of fun activities in this beautiful city, including:
    - Museum visits and a tour through the city to learn more about its rich history! 🏛️
    - A visit to many local markets Berlin has to offer 🎪
    - The well-known techno nightlife of Berlin 🕺

   - Two meals a day (breakfast, dinner) 🌭
   - All for a fee of 90 euros!! 💶
   - Optional fee for going to the club (+20€)
Optional programme: Techno club The fee is 90(+20)€. This event is for 12 participants.

Frist bis 🕦︎Samstag, 30. September 2023 um 23:59 MESZ

🌐︎ Ort Berlin φ52.52497 λ13.38963


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