Application deadlines from OMS are now available as To-Dos over CalDAV

Dear all,

I have converted the deadlines for events applications to To-Dos in iCalendar format and exported these over the CalDAV protocol.  Some important Agora/EPM dates, as visible at the bottom at , are also converted to To-Dos.  Overdue To-Dos are removed from the server within an hour.

This practically means, that users of Android, Thunderbird, Apple, Gnome Evolution can import the Tasks/Reminders/Todos and view them in the application.  The setup process is not very different from installing the Events from OMS over CalDAV.  It is described at and at .

If you already had configured CalDAV in Apple or Thunderbird, you might need to remove the account and add it again.  Evolution shall be told in the “Edit Accounts” window to Refresh the data from the server, so that it sees a new Task list - OMS.

To show the tasks under Android with DAVx⁵ you need to install either the OpenTasks or apps before installing DAVx⁵ (or before installing the CalDAV account - I do not remember).  Then DAVx⁵ must be authorized to store data in the tables of OpenTasks or can speak directly CalDAV and can be configured alternatively without DAVx⁵.

Let me know if anything in the documentation at or is unclear.

The software behind is in fact a pure client-side JavaScript.  It can be downloaded from .  You can integrate it in your website by using globalAccountSettings/href (principal-URL), user, any password (e.g. '' - the empty password).

The code for extracting data from OMS and the “Quarantine Calendar” and converting it to Events, Contact cards, To-Dos, and LDAP contacts is available at .


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