Triggering email notifications over AEGEE-EVENT-L for each new event in OMS/MyAEGEE and the “Quarantine Calendar”

From now on for each new event from the OMS/MyAEGEE and the “Quarantine calendar” a new email with the event will be sent to the AEGEE-EVENT-L mailing list.  This is the same information uploaded at .The emails contain the information in iCalendar format, so that your Mail User Agent can offer direct inclusion of the event in your calendar.

The purpose of the AEGEE-EVENT-L mailing list is to send announcements about events.  You can (un)subscribe to it from .

The emails are sent within an hour, after the event is published.  There is only one automatic email per event.  Changing the application deadline, start, end, description, fees does not trigger a new email.

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