Go local, become global: Impact your community - AEGEE-Valladolid & Europe On Track

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Have you heard the news? The #ActivismExpress is coming to your city!
It’s been a long time without trips, without trains… but hey, it’s been worth waiting for!
In this stop, you’ll have the chance of learning about activism, specifically, about these topics:
Go local, become global: Impact your community (Sunday 13.06.21 at 11:00 CEST)
These stops are open to anybody! You can attend no matter where you are because they are online! You just need to turn on your laptop at 11:00 CEST on Sunday 13)
Remember, this event is open to everyone, feel free to join and learn more about Youth Activism also if you are not an AEGEE member still.
For more info, do not hesitate to ask Europe on Track or AEGEE-Valladolid
See you aboard?

***NOTE: It'll be handy to use a computer instead of a mobile phone

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