Panel Debate: Intersectionality in our lives

Event [ ] by Social Equity of AEGEE-Europe [ ]

Did you read our previous post about intersectionality? ✅ If you haven’t read it yet, check it now and get ready to get involved in our Panel Debate about real experience regarding it.
Every day it gets clearer that the current social model doesn’t work and that different types of discrimination have issues and aspects in common that we can sometimes fight better together than each one of them separately.

🔸 During this event, we will share our experience on the topic and you will be able to ask questions to people who have an actual background on fighting from the point of view of intersectionality.

More details about the platform we are going to use and the Agenda will be posted soon in the event!

🙌 This event is organised as part of the 8th of March Campaign of the Social Equity Working Group of AEGEE-Europe, aimed to raise awareness about important matters related to women and the challenges they are facing. The campaign includes a series of events that will take place online and are open to everyone interested in the topic!

Wann 🕓︎Samstag, 06. März 2021 um 16:00 - 17:30 MEZ

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