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Are you ready for a new adventure?

Join us on a new journey to a civilization well known worldwide for rigor, punctuality, and of course how to forget about beer. So the direction that Foreign Voices is taking this month is towards Germany, a country rich in culture and heritage that has progressed to become the centerpiece of today's European Union.
If you are ready to take on a new challenge, we are waiting for you:

Friday, May 21, 19:00 (EET) - Why is german so Hard? @AEGEE-Aachen
Tuesday, May 25, 19:00 (EET) - Culinary, Culture, and Curiosities - Getting around Germany @AEGEE-Mannheim
Wednesday, May 26, 20:00 (EET) - Berlin, Bier and Brezn - A deep dive into the German culture @AEGEE-Bamberg & @AEGEE Wien
Thursday, May 27, 20:00 (EET) - Holy Schnitzel and other Vorurteile @AEGEE-Erfurt
Friday, May 28, 20:00 (EET) - Munchen and Oktoberfest @AEGEE-Munchen.

Wann 🕖︎Freitag, 28. Mai 2021 um 19:00 - 20:30 MESZ

Erstellt am Samstag, 15. Mai 2021 um 15:49:33 MESZ

Letzte Änderung am Samstag, 15. Mai 2021 um 15:49:33 MESZ

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