Pick your team and compete against other AEGEEans to prove your skills and knowledge. The questions will be from different categories that will be announced soon.

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When 🕣︎Friday, June 05, 2020 at 20:30 - 23:30 GMT+2

Created on Saturday, May 30, 2020 at 16:19:51 GMT+2

Last modified on Monday, June 01, 2020 at 18:31:04 GMT+2

Link to calendar https://cal.aegee.org/?d=2020-06-05&id=a6c5c3ae6c16030ed34143efc48dda636afb68b6cf6302ee32cf708814f2c79f3&cal=2

💾︎iCalendar file https://cal.aegee.org/c/2/6c5c3ae6c16030ed34143efc48dda636afb68b6cf6302ee32cf708814f2c79f3.ics

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