The Night of Champions by AEGEE Day Team

You are all invited to the celebration and Awards Ceremony of both the AEGEE Day 2020 and the AEGEE Human Rights Days 2019, both projects and initiatives organized by AEGEE / European Students' Forum.

You will see the highlights of the great results of both projects, see the European Bodies of AEGEE involved, and witness the new Champions and winners of the #SustainableTrophies for both projects with a necessary countdown :)

So, will you be in?
Check the following event to not miss the opportunity = [ ]

#AEGEEDAY2020 #HumanRightsDays2019

Wann 🕖︎Sonntag, 24. Mai 2020 um 19:00 - 20:00 MESZ

Erstellt am Freitag, 08. Mai 2020 um 17:35:57 MESZ

Letzte Änderung am Freitag, 08. Mai 2020 um 17:37 MESZ

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