Europe Café: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

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Covid-19 has changed all our lives, yes, but have you wondered how it has influenced the problems women already had? 📢 With the current pandemic, the cases of gender-based violence, for example, have increased considerably, as well as the precariousness that was already worrying. The situation exacerbated the current gender inequalities and unfortunately, there are not enough resources or interest to address these issues or even discuss them.

🔸 What is Europe Café?
The concept of this event represents an innovative and dynamic method of discussion of topics of relevance to us and our society. The idea of the event is to discuss a pressing issue which Europe is facing, in an informal environment, similar to a café. Anyone is free to join, no matter your level of knowledge on the topic or your past experience. Just bring a warm drink, your interest in the topic and let's share our opinion with the other participants.
More details about the platform used and the Agenda will be posted soon in the event!

🙌 This event is organised as part of the 8th of March Campaign of the Social Equity Working Group of AEGEE-Europe, aimed to raise awareness about important matters related to women and the challenges they are facing. The campaign includes a series of events that will take place online and are open to everyone interested in the topic!

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