Let's talk about coping mechanisms & mindfulness during hard times!

In times of big stress, we don’t know exactly why we act the way we do, or even why we feel the emotions that we do, or don’t feel at all.
What role do coping & defense mechanisms play in our life?
How do they help us deal with the current situation?

Also, you will be taught simple techniques that lead to mindfulness and a way to deal with this crazy situation we are living in right now!

Registration link is here [ https://forms.gle/mEcXZ48KRKEFDEyg8 ]!

Organised by AEGEE-Thessaloniki [ https://www.facebook.com/aegeethessaloniki/ ]!

Facebook Event - here [ https://www.facebook.com/events/1480959355420240/ ]!

When 🕗︎Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 20:00 - 21:30 GMT+2

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