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On the 17th of March the Dutch national elections will take place after (almost) four years of the current government. In the course of the pandemic politics has become very tangible with all the strict measures which were unthinkable just over a year ago. You likely also watched more press conferences by the government than ever before - and probably not just for the sign language interpreters. On top of that the government stepped down following a damning report on the 'Toeslagenaffaire' in which many thousands of citizens were unduly targeted by the state.

So clearly politics has an impact on us, but how do we impact politics? Does your vote really matter? Do you feel represented? And how do you decide who to vote for, do you consider the person/party as well as their platform? How do you stay informed and avoid you and those around you to get mis- or disinformed? And what if you are living abroad?

For these types of questions and more, join us together with several locals and the Political Activism working group and let's talk politics!

Wann 🕢︎Dienstag, 02. März 2021 um 19:30 - 21:00 MEZ

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