🎂Fundraising Committee Birthday

Established in 2020. The Fundraising Committee (FRC) is a supporting Committee of AEGEE-Europe and was established by the Spring Agora 2020. The tasks of the FRC are supporting the work of AEGEE-Europe in the field of fundraising and ensure its financial sustainability providing help, analyse the needs of the Network and European level, supporting the locals on fundraising issues, implementing the fundraising strategy and increase the financial resources of AEGEE-Europe. The FRC holds an internal and external role and is entitled to act towards the stakeholders of AEGEE-Europe with permission and supervision of the Comité Directeur.

Кога неделя, 07 юни 2020 г.

Интернет адрес https://my.aegee.eu/bodies/14

Повторения ежегодно

Въведено на събота, 13 юни 2020 г., 00:22:23 ч. Гринуич+2

Последна промяна на сряда, 05 август 2020 г., 13:41:56 ч. Гринуич+2

Следващо повторение сряда, 07 юни 2023 г.

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