🎂Sustainability Committee Birthday

Established in 2019. Sustainability Committee is a supporting body of AEGEE-Europe, its purpose is to help the development of more sustainable practices and strategies in AEGEE.

The SC strives for a systematic cultural change within AEGEE which fosters a sustainable mindset and mainstreams a sustainable behavior in all of AEGEE’s facets. In order to reach these goals we measure AEGEE’s impact on the environment and other relevant aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals, improve the sustainability standards of AEGEE as well as educate and motivate the network to act in accordance with these standards.

The main aims of the SC are as follows:
1. MEASUREMENT - Knowing where the Network stands in terms of environmental, social and economical sustainability is crucial for the improvement of those aspects within AEGEE. The SC will establish and maintain a clear database of the progress made and the steps required
2. IMPLEMENTATION - Improving the sustainability standards of AEGEE by implementing changes in the internal structure and event organisation
3. EDUCATION - Raising awareness among the members of AEGEE, educating and motivating the network to act in accordance with the sustainability standards of AEGEE

Кога събота, 26 октомври 2019 г.

Интернет адрес https://my.aegee.eu/bodies/231

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